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Custom Gates Installation

Fencing - Metal, Wood, and Vinyl

Evergreen Landscaping  Company is a premier residential and commercial fence builder. The wood fences we install will provide you with privacy, security and beauty. We offer a 1-year workmanship WARRANTY on installation services.

We offer many different types of fences so that we can accommodate whatever purpose you have in mind. Perhaps you’d like chain link fencing because it is cost-effective and does a great job at keeping your pets in and other animals out. If you want something more aesthetically pleasing, consider vinyl fencing, wood fencing, or aluminum fencing which all come in a variety of styles. We also offer automatic gates for your convenience.  Each type has its own advantages which we are happy to go over. We can also quote you for any type of fences that will fit within the budget that  you have in mind. 

Once you have chosen which of our fences you would like for your home, we’ll get to work and approach the project with dutiful care. We will not  consider your fence project complete until you let us know you are 100% satisfied with the result. If you have questions about fences or would like to schedule a free consultation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Landscaping and Irrigation

Our landscape company serves Huntsville, AL and surrounding areas. We provide full service landscape and irrigation.  We can help with a landscape design. We have over 50 years experience and will be glad to offer references.

Our irrigation services are outstanding.  We can add zones, put in a new irrigation system. cap off old lines that are not getting used.  Reach out for a quote.


Solid surfaces and structures are commonly referred to as hardscape, or hardscaping. This is one of the two major categories that make up landscaping, with the other being softscape. Both elements are important to incorporate into your overall landscape design, adding balance and visual interest. 


Well-designed hardscape elements are a great way to make a statement in your yard, as well as create functional spaces for you to use and enjoy. Plus, hardscape additions are an investment that will add lasting value to your home. 

If you are considering any decorative or practical outdoor structure for your property, give our hardscape contractors at Evergreen Landscpaing a call. We’re exterior experts with more than fifty years of experience constructing residential hardscapes for homeowners in North Alabama.


Hardscaping projects can be a major undertaking but when you call Evergreeen Landscaping, we’ll do the work until your goals are met. Our team will sit down with you and discuss your ideas, preferences, and how you plan to use the structure, in order to draw up a design best-suited to your needs. From there, we’ll handle the rest. With our attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction, hardscaping has never seemed easier. 

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